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Inspiration for Flying Trees Academy

Theories and Research that Inform Our Approach

Psychology: Developmental, Humanistic, Clinical, and Other Influences

  • Mary Ainsworth: Attachment (note that attachment is completely different from attachment parenting) - brief description and useful links / books

  • Erik Erikson - focus on different socioemotional tasks as we age, the better we accomplish them the better we can keep going

  • Abraham Maslow: Hierarchy of needs - brief description of this approach to humanistic psychology and how we will ensure that children's needs are met - include useful links / books

  • Carl Rogers: Necessary and sufficient conditions for growth - brief description of this approach to humanistic psychology and the meta-analysis from Heaton showing that relationships are the most notable predictor of growth and change - include useful links / books

  • Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky - children are natural born learners, the way they learn varies based on their age, children of all ages learn best when they have mentors who scaffold them to the top of their ZPD

  • John and Julie Gottman: Communication - brief description and useful link to their website for parents / books

Childrearing and Education

  • Mr. Rogers (add him to the academics page)

  • Sir Kenneth Robinson (add him to the academics page and strongly recommend his TED Talks and books)

  • Unschooling - mention Clark A's book but also try to give some more academic references (add to academics page)

  • Magda Gerber / Janet Lansbury

  • Montessori

  • Waldorf

  • Sudbury

  • Reggio Emilia

  • Others from academics page - keep this page brief.

Our Inspiration: Services
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