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Flying Trees Academy is proud to offer a transformative approach to education

for elementary school students in the Mahoning Valley.

Our innovative academy supports children in developing to their fullest potential as learners and as human beings. Created and led by a developmental psychologist, this program relies on evidence from the fields of psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and education to offer a unique educational method that can't be found in any other schools. 

Flying Trees Academy is grounded in the philosophy that everything in life is a developmental process.

Therefore, we are committed to never stop developing and will continue to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve the greater Mahoning Valley. Get in touch with us today to learn how Flying Trees Academy can help you and your children.

Still wondering if you're ready to make the leap? Flying Trees Academy may be right for your family if:

  • You want your children spending more time learning to think critically, being creative, and learning how to learn by engaging with the world, rather than learning to sit at a desk and passively comply with a teacher's commands.

  • You want your academically gifted children to be in a flexible environment with a personalized curriculum that supports their needs and allows them to grow and learn to their fullest potential.

  • You are a fan of Mr. Rogers or your children are fans of Daniel Tiger. We love their approach to socioemotional learning.

  • You value the science of human development and want your children in an environment that is consistent with that science.

  • You enjoy Sir Kenneth Robinson's TED Talks and books. (He's the most-viewed speaker of all time on TED! We're big fans of all his work, especially his TED Talk entitled, "Do Schools Kill Creativity?").

  • You understand that the keys to motivation are autonomy, purpose, and mastery, and you want your children's academic environment to use these factors to motivate them to learn.

  • You want your children to grow into self-actualized human beings in accord with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Our flying trees are supported in their physiological, safety, belonging, and esteem needs so that they can focus on becoming self-actualized humans and learners.

  • You agree with Carl Rogers' approach to humanistic psychology and therefore recognize the importance of putting your child in caring environments with mentors who will help them develop as fully functioning human beings.

  • You appreciate, and are willing to learn about and use, developmental science rather than conventional wisdom to guide children's growth. (For example, conventional wisdom might tell you not to praise children too much, but behavioral psychology tells us that frequent reinforcement [when used properly] is more valuable than punishment and plays a very important role in shaping behavior.)

  • You wish we had more Montessori, Waldorf, Sudbury, and/or Reggio Emilia schools in our region. The academic approach at Flying Trees Academy is a fusion of these approaches with developmental science.

  • You believe in kindness, science, equity, and respect for all people, and you want your child to learn about and practice these values. After all, we know that it's the quality of our relationships that predict our happiness in life.

  • You want your child to be respected and supported as they learn at their own pace and grow into their best selves.

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Flying Trees Academy was thrilled to receive a 2023 Microgrant and join the VELA
Education Fund community!

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