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Flying Trees Academy

Helping elementary school students develop their roots and wings

so they can soar personally and academically.

At Flying Trees Academy our main focus is on children's development.

We are an innovative hybrid homeschool program that prioritizes socioemotional development so elementary school children can become capable and confident learners. We help children develop into well-adjusted little humans so their brains are able to learn to their fullest potential. We also support parents in creating home environments that support children's development and learning.

Is Flying Trees Academy right for you?

-Do you care more about your child's standardized test scores or

their development as a human being?

-Do you want your child to learn to be compliant by sitting in a desk all day or

do you want them to develop their creativity and critical thinking skills?

-Do you want to let someone else dictate your child's education or

do you want to be the primary influence on them?

If you care more about your children's development, critical thinking, and creativity than about keeping up with the Joneses, and if you want to be the primary influence on your children, then Flying Trees Academy might be exactly what you've been looking for!

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